Josephina Beckers

Who am I?

I like to see myself as a world citizen. I was born on a little island close to South-America, lived a big part of my life in Europe (the Netherlands, France and Belgium) and a big part of my life in Australia (Queensland). So, I’ve almost done a tour around the world. I am married twice. My first husband gave me a son and 3 daughters. My second husband gave me a stepdaughter.

I have always regarded my 5 children as my biggest teachers. They have taught me everything I didn’t want to know about myself. Of course I didn’t see it like that at first. But by observing their behaviour and – sometimes desperately wondering why they behaved the way they did –  I learned that it reflected where I was at in life. Needless to say, they still teach me today.

The more I saw and accepted all parts of myself, the more whole I felt.
The more whole I felt, the more I loved myself.
The more I loved myself, the more I was able to love my children.

Press ‘repeat story’ for every other relationship in my life (partner, parents, siblings, family and friends). When I finally ‘got it’ that every other is a mirror of myself, I broke down and cried. And Love walked in.

My Services

My life’s experiences have taught me much about myself. My studies have given me a theoretical understanding of life’s teachings, which allows me to use evidence based practice in my work with you.

Why Soul Massage?

I can help you to look at yourself in a non-threatening way, using Art Psychotherapy, Counselling skills, Mindfulness practice, Psychosomatic Therapy and integrative massage. In short: Soul Massage. Massage means to knead, to push and to pull, to touch and to feel. Together we’re looking at touching and feeling your Soul, kneading it, bringing movement in it, sometimes giving it a bit of a push or pulling it back. Whatever you need at this moment in time.

I believe in you. I believe in your capacity to be the person you want to be, I believe in your inner strength and that I can be of service to look together at how you can use your inner resources. But most of all, I can reflect back to you the wonderful and magnificent soul that you are.

My Philosophy

I have always believed that there is more to life than this physical existence.

I used to walk in the woods near our house when I was 13, singing to the grasses and the trees, the flowers and the rocks, the sun, the moon and the stars, the earth and the universe and I felt part of it all. Then I became afraid of walking alone in the woods. Afraid of other people. And I shut down.

I remember the first time I read about Reincarnation. I was 16 years old. All of a sudden, everything made sense to me, everything was all right. All the injustices in the world that I couldn’t live with became acceptable. If this was true, and I believed it without a doubt, we’ve all been everything and done everything. We’ve all experienced richness and poverty, been happy and unhappy, lived through war and peace. We are all the same!

I believe we are a soul living in a physical body, a vehicle that is at our disposal in this lifetime. It’s the only one we get this time around, so we need to take good care of it. While having this body, we experience emotions, a field of energy that connects us with other people. We also have a mind that is meant to help us think, dream, plan and organize our life.  Creating a balance between our soul, body, emotions and mind can be tricky. Some people view life exclusively from one part or another. The teachings of the sacred Medicine-wheel have taught me about all the different parts of myself and has helped me to see and feel the Self that I am.

One day in 2003, I received a message from my Self (it came as an inner knowing, strong and not to be doubted). It was in a time that I didn’t know what kind of work I wanted to do. By that time, I knew a great deal about myself but I still didn’t know what I could give to the world. I had learned a lot of this and a lot of that but nothing that would give me a written statement on a recognized diploma saying “this is me and this is what I can do and it is acceptable to the civilized world”.

The message said loud and clear: ‘If ever you have a sign on your door, it will say Soul Massage’.

Of course, my first reaction was ‘no way’. I had no idea what Soul Massage was. In my mind it could be anything from massage, reiki, kinesiology, counselling, making art, art therapy… anything that would connect someone to their soul, or the source. But would I ever dare to put up a sign on my door saying ‘Soul Massage’? I wasn’t so sure about that.

Six months later, someone told me about Kahuna Massage. Well, that sounded like Soul Massage. I decided to do the 8 day live-in course and I was blown away by the quality and intensity and holistic approach of Mette’s Institute of Bodywork & personal Development. This week changed my life. It brought together all my previous learning and gave me a shape and form to give to the outside world. The form was a Kahuna massage, but the content beheld all that I was, spiritually, emotionally, mentally and physically. The 7 principles of Huna became a guiding tool in my life (the world is what you think it is: be aware, there are no limits: be free, energy flows where attention goes: be focused, now is the moment of power: be here, love is to be happy with: be happy, all power comes from within: be confident, effectiveness is the measure of truth: be positive). There was nothing ‘new’ to it as such. The principles are universal truths and have been described by all the great spiritual teachers in one way or another. But the form was useful and applicable to every day life’s situations. After having completed all my levels of training, I became a facilitator at Mette’s Institute in 2008. Growing into who I am and want to be is an integral part of my life and proves to be a never ending process. Once my five children had grown up and I found myself having free time, I obtained a Diploma of Counselling, followed by a Graduate Diploma of Art Psychotherapy and a Certificate in Psychosomatic Therapy.

As I said, life is a never ending experience of Self, so if you honour Self, you honour life, if you honour life, life will honour you. These words, written by Michael Roads are at the core of my philosophy.

In my work with people I will always look at honouring Self, and explore what that means. How can we live a fulfilling life, wherein we can be compassionate loving beings that take care of the earth and care of the people around us. What does it mean to take care of myself first, before I take care of others and give my energy away? In my work, I come across many people who are givers but give nothing to themselves. As a result, they feel depleted, sick and tired and don’t know how to turn the tables. How can you love yourself, when you are the last one on your priority list, behind your job, your kids, your animals, your partner or your family and friends?

I believe you can only give of yourself when you give to yourself first. Now this brings up a lot of issues for people. Most people rather take care of ‘the other’ than of themselves. For many this is a way to ensure that they ‘are loved’ and to avoid ‘feeling guilty’.

I am passionate about helping you to truly love yourself. I believe that when we truly love ourselves, we make sure our cup is overflowing so we have plenty of energy and love to give to others.

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