Integrated Healing

What is Integrated healing?

In my world, life is a journey. A beginning, a middle and an end . . . At least in the physical realm. Wherever you are on that journey, your path to self-realization invites you to embrace what life is presenting to you in this moment. There is no right or wrong. There is just the here and now experience of your life and the willingness of your soul to grow and learn.

Sometimes, we find ourselves at a point where we need someone else to feedback to us where we are at and what possible directions we can take.
Sometimes a few words, an image, a movement or a touch can give us the insight we need in that moment to move forward on our life’s journey.

I can offer you professional support for the challenges that life can present:

  • whether you want to explore painful feelings, or resistance or control . . .
  • whether you feel attracted to use the creative arts to gain insights in your psyche or subconscious movements . . .
  • whether you’re curious to know what your body shape tells you about the inner workings of your body and mind . . .
  • whether your body needs a dynamic or – on the contrary – a soothing and nurturing massage to help you feel grounded in your body again  . . .

Integrated healing is to look together at what benefits you the most in this moment, anything or a combination of the above to help your energy to flow again . . . to move forward . . . with ease and grace.
You decide, but if you don’t know I can help you find out what your soul needs.

I do this through a person-centered approach, which puts you at the center of all our activity. We consciously move into the intent to learn about what you may be doing that may be causing your pain, or what is happening externally that may be causing your pain. At some point I can teach you how to connect with your personal source of spiritual guidance – your source of love, compassion, wisdom and truth. I invite you to bring this Presence inside, so you can be very kind and caring with yourself on your healing journey of coming home to yourself.

My Healing Modalities

Art Psychotherapy

Art Psychotherapy is a form of counselling that uses creative modalities, including art making, drama, and movement to improve and enhance physical, mental and emotional well-being.


Counselling is a professional activity that utilise an interpersonal relationship to enable people to develop self understanding and to make changes in their lives.

Psychosomatic Therapy

Psychosomatic Therapy complements a holistic approach to the prevention and management of human disease based on the bilateral relationship between the mind (psyche) and body (soma).

Kahuna Massage

Kahuna massage provides a holistic approach to healing by balancing the body-mind in its physical, emotional and spiritual dimensions.


Ortho-Bionomy is a gentle, non-invasive system of healing which is helpful in addressing many pain and stress conditions.

Art Therapy Workshops

Art Therapy workshops can help to resolve conflicts, develop interpersonal skills, manage behaviour, reduce stress, increase self-esteem and achieve insight.


My life’s experiences have taught me much about myself. My studies have given me a theoretical understanding of life’s teachings, which allows me to use evidence based practice in my work with you.

I can help you to look at yourself in a non-threatening way, using Art Psychotherapy, Counselling skills, Mindfulness practice, Psychosomatic Therapy and integrative massage. In short: Soul Massage. Massage means to knead, to push and to pull, to touch and to feel. Together we’re looking at touching and feeling your Soul, kneading it, bringing movement in it, sometimes giving it a bit of a push or pulling it back. Whatever you need at this moment in time.

I believe in you. I believe in your capacity to be the person you want to be, I believe in your inner strength and that I can be of service to look together at how you can use your inner resources. But most of all, I can reflect back to you the wonderful, magnificent Soul that you are.

You should know…

I believe a part of you deep inside knows what you really want. Sometimes people disconnect from what they really want in life, because they don’t believe they will ever get it. Or don’t deserve it. And it may have been so long ago for you, that you really don’t know anymore. Sometimes, feeling life is too painful and you’d rather not feel and choose to live in your mind. Only you know that you’re living a lie. And your body may tell you so.

To listen to the intelligence of your body and to opening up to this inner voice that whispers directions in your ear – sometimes yells out loud in pain – can be challenging.

We don’t always like what we hear, we don’t always understand what we hear or see or feel. Nevertheless, part of you knows. And sometimes we just need a helping hand, a listening ear, a gentle nudge in a new direction, or someone that sees you for who you truly are and just loves you.


If you honour Self, you honour Life, if you honour Life, Life will Honour you..

Simple enough, but profound. To honour self is to respect yourself. To respect yourself is to appreciate yourself. To appreciate yourself is to care for yourself. To care for yourself is to attend to your wellbeing. To attend to your wellbeing is to eat and drink with awareness. To be aware of yourself is to honour yourself . . . and so the cycle will continue. In no way are we empowered or regenerated by thoughts of self-criticism or self-judgement, or ‘should do better’ etc. These reduce us, something we do not need, nor do we need people in our lives whose remarks and casual comments reduce us.

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