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The name Soul Massage came to me in 2003 in a moment of connection with the deepest essence of who I am. My rational mind couldn’t argue with this name that my soul chose for my physical expression in this life time. I understood without thinking that this word did not only imply a massage of the physical body, but also everything and all that touches the soul. Which could potentially be the making of art, counselling, psychotherapy, connecting with nature. In short: everything that moves the soul.

After 15 years of practicing the art of KaHuna massage during which I learnt to connect with another person and thus with myself, my awareness of the soul I am expanded in a continuous process. We all have our own path to travel and there is no right or wrong to the path, only what works and what doesn’t work. I needed to connect physically to other people through giving massages, to learn about the energetic connection we all share. The one spirit that we are.

The longing for a direct connection with God became my hearts yearning. This process was slow and steady, giving me experience after experience of feeling myself in the greater picture that is life. The expression of my soul in every interaction became the most important thing in the world. Allowing others to express themselves authentically became the most rewarding experience. The more I could express myself freely, the more I could allow others to do the same.

Working with the elderly inspires me. I connect with each soul, beyond the physical appearance of the body and the mind that is disconnecting from rational awareness. The creative arts allow people to re-experience themselves as a whole person, if only for a moment in time. I see how the brain communicates with the hand that touches the art materials. In and out of consciousness the person living with dementia becomes present and connects when given the opportunity to be creative. Bringing joy and laughter, music and expression to this populations has become a great joy for me.

All the while, I continue to grow in consciousness myself. The desire to express myself in artmaking is continuously growing. I find myself deeply inspired at times and the need to put an image, a felt experience, on paper becomes urgent and undeniable. Those paintings that are born out of a spiritual connection with the subject are energetically charged. The viewer must feel it too because these particular paintings always sell quickly. The paintings that are born out of thought processes, do not have the same quality.
My dream is to paint from that place of deep spiritual connection with the source, with love, with God.
I paint for myself, but the joy is immense when I touch others through my work, to the point they want to buy my painting.

From touching people physically, to touching people emotionally and spiritually through my art, is the journey I am on. I don’t know what happens next, I go with the flow. And I enjoy to grow as I go.

My art is a massage for the Soul, yours and mine. A movement of deep connection with the essence of our true Self, of the God and Goddess within, of the Source of the Universe.

When the viewer is touched by Art, the soul is moved, it opens up and relaxes. The experience is one of Wellness and Joy. Great Art is a recognition on soul level. Great art is not necessarily aesthetically pleasing to the eye, but it certainly moves some part of you. When the heart is moved, the soul dances for joy.

People who say they are not creative just have not given awareness to their deeper self, which is the power of creation. They may be solely head focused or ‘living in the head’. Suffice to reorient yourself towards the heart and become aware of the greater reality that is life. This will open up a new universe of multiple possibilities and beauty never seen before. Once you experience this beauty inside yourself, in your ‘inner-verse’, your eyes will become attuned to see the beauty around you. What a joy to behold.

A selection of my latest Artworks

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You can buy my artwork

My artwork is available for purchase. I plan to create many artworks throughout the year (large and small pieces). You can see my art via this website and via Instagram (#josephinasart). Contact me if you see an artwork that speaks to you.

You can commission a painting

Are you looking for a unique artwork for your home or business? Looking for a portrait of your beloved dog? Or maybe an artwork has already caught your eye, but it’s not quite the right size or colour. Contact me and I will create a unique artwork that will match your wishes.

A selection of my Intuitive Art

Intuitive art is a spiritual, connected art process that allows the art to lead the way as images form through the layers of paint and a variety of other media. Intuitive art is a process of creating art using an inner awareness that is heart centered and does not rely on analysis or head based questions.

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