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Art & Wellness Workshop

Queensland Art Gallery | Members lounge

Join Art Therapist Josephina Beckers for an introduction to the healing power of art in this tailored program for QAGOMA Members. Start with a guided mindfulness session in the Gallery before exploring your inner expression in a supportive and relaxed workshop. No experience needed, all materials provided.

$16 Members / $20 Members’ guests / Includes workshop materials and tea & coffee / Call (07) 3840 7278 or book online / Places are limited – RSVP early to avoid disappointment

‘Becoming the Captain of your Ship’

A 6-Evening Creative Journey towards Self-Awareness and Empowerment
Facilitated by Josephina Beckers

‘Becoming the Captain of your Ship’ is a metaphor for Life. How can you feel in control of your life again while so many things seemingly outside of your control, influence your sense of health and well-being?

This experiential journey gives you valuable tools for self-reflection as well as a creative outlet to help you dive deep into the ocean of your emotions and face head-on the whirlwind of your thoughts.
With gentle yet profound processes – using the magic of rocks and a variety of art media like clay, paint and collage material – we travel through the four directions of body, mind, emotions and spirit to learn to stand in the centre of our personal wheel, the sacred circle of Life. In the end, it is all about finding self-control and balance within yourself and your life.

Every week will be a surprisingly new experience. The energy shifts and changes with the focus of the evening; but always you will be held in a safe and nurturing cocoon, supported on your personal journey by the facilitators and the group.
As we work together in a small group setting with a minimum of 3 and maximum of 6 people, it is important for you to be able to commit to the 6 sessions.

What do participants say about their experiences?

What did you get out of this journey?

“ A strong idea of areas in my life which I need to actively address and work on, in order to create lasting change and help my overall happiness and contentment – i.e. to be able to achieve my goals. This is so important as I think often we struggle to figure these things out on our own”. Hannah B

“The process of the last night was very powerful”. Ivana N

“I very much enjoyed the creative expression. I am not naturally inclined to do that at home by myself, so having a space with guidance and purpose was amazing. Bringing colour and creativity to areas that need addressing transforms the discomfort. It adds another dimension, helps to get out of the mind and bring in new perspectives”. Ivana N

“I enjoyed the proactive nature of all of the activities”. Ivana N

“I was surprised at the synchronicity of how the creative experience and action matched the realisation of what needed to be discovered emotionally”. Caitlin T

“I loved how balanced you were and also admired your discipline to protecting what was being said in the group. Particularly when you spoke to me about not making comments. I respected that and knew we were in a ‘safe’ environment to be ourselves without judgement.” Caitlin T

“As each piece of art unfolded in our evening workshop, I could see the progression of dark to colour. This was very symbolic to my journey and the interpretation of myself.”
Caitlin T

“During my art therapy in ‘Becoming the Captain of your Ship’, I realised I can be one element of the ‘sacred wheel’ or I can draw upon all aspects of the wheel in different situations. I have learned and understood all parts of the sacred wheel as the course progressed. But my most important lesson was learning to love and embrace all parts but not to let one aspect take over more than the other.” Caitlin T

What were you satisfied with that you think we can build upon?

“Each little moment of realisation and self-discovery along the way which was solidified in the final session with some important truths being realised and understood. I think we have all gained an insight into area s of ourselves which we were not so aware of before the course, and for me this inner child work is something that I think I will be able to build on for a long time, if not forever.” Hannah B

As you look back on our work together, what stands out? Are you surprised at all with these changes?

“I was surprised by how much we gained from each session, without necessarily realising it at the time. Probably the first and last session stand out the most to me, as they really show how far we all came over the duration of the course.” Hannah B

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    Yes, I am interested in your workshop 'Becoming the Captain of your Ship'

    Impression of an Art Therapy Workshop

    Why Group Art Psychotherapy?

    Working through emotions and exploring the body felt sense through art therapy in a group setting can be a powerful experience. As each member is at a different point in their life and brings their unique lived experience, inevitably watching others cope with and overcome similar problems instills hope and inspiration.

    A special benefit of group therapy is the relief that accompanies the realization that you are not alone. Feeling understood by the group members helps increase your self-esteem and feelings of self-worth. Gaining insight into yourself and your interpersonal relationships lead to improved social skills. With the support of the group to release conscious or unconscious feelings you will gain inner strength and resilience to face life’s situations from a stance of the empowered Self.

    In every moment of your life, you create the direction and content of every moment of your life.

    If you honour Self, you honour Life, if you honour Life, Life will Honour you.

    Simple enough, but profound. To honour self is to respect yourself. To respect yourself is to appreciate yourself. To appreciate yourself is to care for yourself. To care for yourself is to attend to your wellbeing. To attend to your wellbeing is to eat and drink with awareness. To be aware of yourself is to honour yourself . . . and so the cycle will continue. In no way are we empowered or regenerated by thoughts of self-criticism or self-judgement, or ‘should do better’ etc. These reduce us, something we do not need, nor do we need people in our lives whose remarks and casual comments reduce us.

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